I ran a long-term D&D campaign a while ago (3 years, 30 levels… no cleric), which led to a climactic fight through the Abyss to a face-off with the demon lord Yeenoghu.  They finally tracked him to his throne room, where he brandished his three-headed flail, a weapon that they had heard horrific stories of in regards to its ability to really, really hurt.  He reared his head back, howled a howl of defiance at the adventurers, and promptly lost initiative to the party’s sorceress.

Sorceress: “Casting a spell.  I wish his flail was up his ass.”

DM: “You, er… you what?”

Sorceress: “I wish his flail was up his ass.  Right up there.”

Spell resistance?  Sorceress rolls a natural 20 and breaks it.  Saving throw?  None.

So my big, bad demon lord spent his first turn forcefully removing his own dread weapon from his bunghole, damaging himself grievously in the process, while the party dogpiled him.

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